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The phylogenetic roots of Human violence

A study recently published in the journal Nature got me hooked! The authors decided to tackle the question of the evolutionary roots of violence towards conspecifics in Humans. To do so, they opted for a phylogenetic approach. To estimate lethal aggression in mammals, … Continue reading

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Back from Cuba!

During July-August 2016, I went to Cuba for a three-weeks holiday trip. Besides the colorful cities, the colonial architecture, and the warmth of the people, I came back home with pictures of… lizards of course. In this article, I will share … Continue reading

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France to cut research budget by 25%

“A scientific and industrial suicide” The French government just dropped a bomb in the French research community. Indeed, a new draft decree canceled 256 million euros destined to research in 2016. It represents a budget cut of ~25%, which will affect leading … Continue reading

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Thermal dependence of signalling

A new study about wall lizards authored by Guillem Pérez i de Lanuza, Miguel Angel Carretero, and Enrique Font just came out in the journal Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology. Wall lizards are ventrally polychromatic and the authors hypothesized that the differences in … Continue reading

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Short- or long-wavelengths color patches? Evolution says both.

In their last paper published in Journal of Evolutionary Biology, Guillem Pérez i de Lanuza and Enrique Font contemplate lizards colour patterns using a new approach. The authors hypothesize that selection for conspicuousness would not only act on the design of single colour patches, … Continue reading

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“Excellence? Yes, but in Spanish!”

“Even a Nobel laureate would now be unlikely to be appointed to the science teaching faculty in many of Spain’s best universities.” This is how begins a note recently published in the journal Nature in which Pau Carazo and Enrique … Continue reading

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Contrasts in Short- and Long-term Responses of Mediterranean Reptile Species to Fire and Habitat Structure

Our last paper finally came out in Oecologia! Here is the link. Changes in habitat structure constitute a major factor explaining responses of reptiles to fire. From spring 2012-2014, we investigated the relation between reptile-community metrics (species richness and abundance), … Continue reading

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