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Thermal dependence of signalling

A new study about wall lizards authored by Guillem Pérez i de Lanuza, Miguel Angel Carretero, and Enrique Font just came out in the journal Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology. Wall lizards are ventrally polychromatic and the authors hypothesized that the differences in … Continue reading

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Short- or long-wavelengths color patches? Evolution says both.

In their last paper published in Journal of Evolutionary Biology, Guillem Pérez i de Lanuza and Enrique Font contemplate lizards colour patterns using a new approach. The authors hypothesize that selection for conspicuousness would not only act on the design of single colour patches, … Continue reading

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Contrasts in Short- and Long-term Responses of Mediterranean Reptile Species to Fire and Habitat Structure

Our last paper finally came out in Oecologia! Here is the link. Changes in habitat structure constitute a major factor explaining responses of reptiles to fire. From spring 2012-2014, we investigated the relation between reptile-community metrics (species richness and abundance), … Continue reading

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